Monday, February 23, 2009

Sarah's Wedding

This past weekend Jonathan's little sister, Sarah, got married!
I was one of her bridesmaids, so Jonathan was in charge of the little J man- and he did a fantastic job!
The celebrations started on Thursday with mani/pedi's and dinner and dancing, Friday we had rehearsal and dinner, Saturday we had a snowstorm, hairstyling, makeup, limo ride to the church, wedding at 2:30, limo ride to Cedar Creek Winery for outdoor pictures (yes, even in the snowstorm), then reception dinner, dancing the rest of the night. Then there was the gift opening on Sunday, and cards with family after that.
Sarah was gorgeous and elegant, and Billy (her hubby) looked stunning in his dress uniform (he's a Major in the Army). And Josiah and Jonathan looked awesome in their blakc shirts and pants with silver ties- and Josiah finished his outfit off with his black and white checkered VANS shoes.
It was a busy, hectic, wonderful weekend. And how did this new mom fare? Pretty well, thanks to her absolutely amazing little boy who slept 7 hours straight on Thursday night, 7 1/2 hours straight on Friday night, and 9 hours straight on Saturday night. No kidding. It was amazing.


chocolate hug said...

Glad to hear you had a great weekend! Sad to see no pictures... :(

katie said...

pictures! Pictures! we want pictures!

Ebeling Family Blog said...

I'm working on it! :)