Friday, June 26, 2009

Goin' Hybrid

A momentous thing has occurred!
(momentous to me, anyways...)

After a lot of research and discussion,
hubby and I have decided to start cloth-diapering our little J-man.

~with a twist~

We will only be cloth diapering at home, so when we're on the go, we'll just grab the disposables. It actually will save us quite a bit of money in the long run (especially since we are planning on having more kids, too), and has much less impact on the environment than disposables.
I also found (through my extensive blog-drifting) a wonderful, awesome, down-to-earth mom who makes her own cloth diapers and sells them- for EXTREMELY affordable prices. Check out Jen's blog , Serwa Chic, especially if you've considered cloth diapers, but don't know where to start. She gives great tips and helps you out through the cloth-diapering jargon that's floating around out there on the web. Oh, and she makes them to order- so you can pick and choose your own colors and patterns. super-cool!!!
So what did I decide to order?
you guessed it- -STRIPEY DIAPERS.
I love them.
Only a little.

well, ok, a LOT.

The diapers I ordered from her are called fitted diapers, and they are much like disposables- with elastic around the legs and back, and they have velcro tabs to make the diaper custom fit. They do require a cover to block moisture from going straight to the clothes- and I have a wool cover that I used today that is, of course, stripey. Why wool, you ask? A number of reasons : it can absorb a LOT of moisture without transferring it to outer clothing, it has natural antibacterial properties- so it really only needs to get washed when it gets pooed on or if it starts to smell, and it is breathable- keeps baby dry and cooler in summer, and dry and warmer in winter.
Now, I still have a ton to learn about all this, but it has been a fun transition so far!

here, for your enjoyment, is the little guy featuring the stripey wool cover, in his official 6 month photo:

and, no, this is not photoshopped. His eyes are that awesome. :) (i'm not a biased mommy at all)


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LoveLladro said...

What a cutie... and the diapers are adorable too! I so want to go cloth. I have a friend who knows anything and everything about them... as soon as I say the word she will rattle off everything I need to know. Just need to get the wallet ready ;~)