Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

MckMama at hosts "not me!" Mondays as a way to confess all of our shortcomings in a fun, lighthearted, and humorous way...
So welcome to my first edition of:

This past weekend I certainly did not spend hours online looking at fabric patterns for my son's cloth diapers...which I know will just get pooped in. Not me.
I also did not put my son to bed early and then stay up well past midnight after the wedding I shot on Friday just so I could edit and post stuff on facebook. Not me.
I did not get into a snacky mood while editing my photos and open a can of root beer (I really don't drink soda). I did not only just drink half of it and dump the rest, because I couldn't finish it. Oh, no. Not me!
I did not go out into my garden to weed, and did not get distracted by my flowers, and then did not ask my little brother to close his eyes and open his mouth, just so I could see if my pansy flowers really were edible- just to satisfy my curiosity. He did not eat said flower.
I did not leave the church service to bf J man, and then proceed to play for 20 extra minutes with him just because he was in a good mood. Not me!

If you have a "not me" confession, just go to to see the rules- and see everyone else's not me! Mondays!

Happy Monday, and God bless!


Sandy Hop said...

Great post!!! Welcome to NMM!

Emma said...

Funny post! Came over from MckMama--the name caught my attention. I am the only girl in a house full of boys--my hubby and my three boys (under the age of 4!!) It's a good time!! :)

amy said...

Glad you enjoyed my first NMM post! I enjoyed yours as well, and really liked reading your mothers day post. I too went through infertility with my first little's a hard road, for sure. God blessed you with a beautiful little angel! :)