Monday, June 29, 2009

HIghlights from Phil and Rachel's Wedding

I had the awesome privilege of meeting Phil and Rachel Yesterday (yes, I just met them at their wedding) They are extremely warm, inviting, and genuinely nice people. My friend, Tom- who lives in AZ, called me a few months back to tell me he would be shooting a wedding in my area, and asked if I would like to help out.
Of course, I said yes :)
Despite a little mixup on the actual date of the wedding (I thought it was Friday, and I *just* found out Wednesday that it was actually a Sunday wedding), we got together smoothly, and were able to enjoy the day taking pictures of this wonderful group of people!
These are just a few of my favorite (I have SUCH a hard time narrowing them down!!!)



chocolate hug said...

Em they are going to love these!

Jenny said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, Emily! It was nice to see you there. ~ Jenny