Friday, June 5, 2009

This weeks Photo Challenge

This week's challenge was a great exercise in the use of light- the details of the challenge are a little confusing, but basically we had to take pictures of the same object in a window at different times of day- one picture at the same angle each time, and another picture at what we felt was the best angle for that time of day.
These three are the "same angle" --yeah, I know- the nighttime one is a little off- but my hubby was busy working on rebuilding a computer in the same room, and things were moved all around, so I couldn't quite get at the same angle. The little glass jar was never moved, though- it stayed in the exact same spot all day.

7:30 am

2:30 pm

10:30 pm

and here is the set of different angles of the same jar- how I felt it worked the best with the light I had :

I chose this setup because I wanted to capture the dappled morning sunshine and the light passing through the jar onto the windowsill. 7:30 am

I decided to do a more detail shot for the afternoon, since the light isn't as dramatic as the morning- and I took the picture from below, so that the background included the blurry leaves- I like the painterly look of this one :) 2:30 pm

For the nighttime shot I did something a little more "outside the box"- so I physically went outside the, house. This is taken from the outside looking in. 10:30 pm

I would love to hear your ideas/critiques on this- even if you weren't part of the challenge- good or bad, I enjoy hearing other's ideas on what I've done. Thanks a lot, everyone!


Erica said...

I liked watching the progression in the first series of the changing light and the same angle. Very interesting! Of the second series, the first one is my least favorite because of the placement. The other ones have such strong angles. I do like that the window behind it looks a little dirty (or is that my computer screen? I can't tell). It gives it a very rustic feel to it.

The second one is my FAVORITE! Love! You are right that it has a panted feel to it. Maybe Erin painted it with the brushes in her series. :-) I think that the angle and framing is very interesting and the colors are awesome! I know I've been anti-green in other challenges, but I really appreciate your greens.

I love your out of the box interpretation of the third one. It's so amusing that I kinda wish that I had more context to tell that you were outside. Maybe more of the house.

Great job this week!

Bexy said...

My goodness, these are gorgeous :)

I have to say I prefer the ones that are at different angles - your creativity really shines through with them - but the first three are good indictators of the daylight passing.

The first of the first 3 is my favorite - the morning shot - love the lighting in that one. The last one doesn't look like daylight as much to me - is it light from a lamp?

That said, the last one of the last three is probably my favorite and I like that you went outside to take the photo - that's a really cool idea :)

But as for the other two of the last three, I like the close-up shot - I can see what you mean about it looking like a painting. And the 7:30 AM photo is super lovely too - great lighting there.

Beautiful photos.

katie said...

Nice job, Em! I like how the color of the little vase seems to change with the changing light. Way to think outside the box with the night-time one :):)

Erin Jo Chung said...

First three are nice with the progression of light. I love the way the light changes the amber colored glass. Also, love that you went outside for one of your shots. Very out of the box idea that we don't always think of while standing there taking pics inside....I love that this came to mind and you acted on it. Great job this week!

Ebeling Family said...

oh, yeah... the window is REALLY dirty...hasn't been washed since fall before we put the plastic barrier up...and just haven't gotten the true spring cleaning done yet :)

chocolate hug said...

Hi Em! Sam fell asleep on the recliner so I thought I'd take some time to leave some comments.

When I came up with this challenge I never thought of anyone using glass. The effect light has on glass as opposed to a solid object is not something I've ever fully explored. I'm glad that you and Erica both used a glass item. It was interesting to compare your results.

I think because of the green of the grass outside the window, the beauty of this tiny glass pitcher is a little lost to me. The colours seem almost too close.

I agree with Erica though, the angle of the second image is beautiful. I wonder what it would look like in B/W?

I very much enjoyed your "outside the box" approach. It was a great way of utilizing the available light. I also enjoy how this photo is so yellow!