Monday, July 14, 2008

17 weeks and counting.... :)

Wow. 17 weeks pregnant already. I am starting to feel that "thick" feeling that I've been told about. " It feels like I just ate a whole bag of oreos without the pleasure of enjoying the oreos." (quote by Kimmy Lemke- when she was pregnant with Bekah)
Anyway, I had a FANTASTIC weekend with my family, and actually got a picture of everyone!! It was an amazingly beautiful weekend, no rain, cooler temps, low humidity, plenty of time to play outside, and we even had a bonfire and a moonlit polish golf game (which I lost) that was fun, despite feeding the mosquitoes.
Anywho, here I am with my growing belly. I think it's starting to pop out- I feel like the next few weeks there's going to be a big change!
This morning was a little off, though- I sneezed, blew my nose, got a nosebleed that consequently made me gag and lost my breakfast. First time in 2 weeks! Oh, well. At least I still feel alright for the most part.
Not a whole lot else to report- The pics are from this morning, and I'm throwing in my family picture- in no particular order, here are all the people there:
Mom, Dad, Chris(oldest brother), his wife Jenny(who is 6 months pregnant), their daughter Lily, Jonnie(next oldest brother) his wife, Kimmy, Their children Bekah, Alyssa, and Benny, my older sister Mandy, her hubby Dave, their three kids Dustin, Ethan, and Kathryn, me (4 months pregnant), my hubby Jonathan, my little sister Adrianne, and my little brother Joshua. I think that's Everybody!
Have a great day, everyone!

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chocolate hug said...

Emily you're so cute! Don't be surprised if people don't notice you're pregnant for another three months! I remember feeling jipped because I was pregnant mostly during the winter, which meant that with my winter coat on most people didn't even realize I was 8 months pregnant!