Thursday, July 10, 2008

just a quick Dr.s appointment update

Just had my 16 week appointment yesterday with Dr. Gumina.
She was referred to me by Diana and is really a great, down to earth doctor. We got there a little early- my appointment was at 4:45, and we got there about 4:35. I peed in my cup, stepped out of the bathroom, and they were ready to take me already, but Jonathan was out and about looking for some water for me. He showed up just as I walked back out into the waiting room to look for him, and then we went to the exam room. I was supposed to have my bloodwork done, but the phlabotanist had already picked up the bloodwork from this office, so it will have to wait until next time. We did, however, get to hear the heartbeat. Last time we tried, the doc couldn't find it, so we had an ultrasound. Anyway, the baby's heartbeat is in the mid 150's, compared to last time was up in the 170s.
I was weighed, and again I am still at 129.8 lbs.
Here is what my weight fluctuation has been:
Beginning of April: 135 lbs
May 5th (first Dr. appointment) 129.7 lbs
June 4th(2nd Dr. appointment) 129.6 lbs
June 20th: 125 lbs
July 9th(3rd Dr. appointment): 129.8 lbs

June was my sickest month, and also my busiest with shooting weddings. Dr. Gumina said that no matter what, I will be gaining weight in the next weeks. I am OK with that!
So, my next appointment is in 3 weeks. Blood work, and then ultrasound! Jonathan really wants to know what we're having, and I am willing to comply- despite my traditionalist streak:)
here is a pic from the first ultrasound 6/4/08- week 11, 2 days
baby measured 11 weeks, 2 days. Perfect!!

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chocolate hug said...

Totally didn't know you'd started a new blog! yay! So here's my first post. Thanks for sharing the picture of your little one!