Monday, July 21, 2008

18 weeks Pregnant, and other stuff, too :)

Good Morning, everyone!
I have just finished my breakfast of bananas in cheerios (a healthy start, I must say!:) I had a rough night last night- just couldn't get comfortable. I was hot, and then cold, and them my back was hurting, and then I would have a dream and wake up from it, I had to pee not just once, not twice, but three times last night. Baby is definitely growing and putting extra pressure down there!
Without going into too much detail, I would just ask that everyone pray for Jonathan to figure out what he needs to do for his future employment. Third shift is really wearing on him, and he's beginning to poke around at some other prospects. We would really appreciate the prayers! thanks :)
This weekend was pretty busy- we had a family wedding on Friday night that I was actually able to make it to, I had a concert on Saturday that I was able to not be sick for (I woke up Saturday very dizzy and couldn't keep my food down) And Sunday I went to Church with B and KT and then swimming with their family, and in the afternoon we went to Chuck's birthday party at the Organ Piper on Hwy 100. COOl place! And the pizza was pretty good, too.
So, anyway, This is my 18 week belly- definitely getting bigger!
Other things are expanding, too... let's just say that Jonathan really is a fan of cleavage. :P
Have a great week, everyone, and God's blessings on your endeavors!


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