Thursday, July 31, 2008

it's a........... :)


so, my maternal instincts were COMPLETELY wrong- it was just a little too obvious from the view that we got. :) Poor kid, no privacy!
So, baby boy was being kinda difficult yesterday- my appointment started at 2:15 (well, they took me a few minutes late) but I didn't get out of ultrasound until almost 3:45, and I still had to meet with Dr. Gumina.
Well, the reason the ultrasound lasted so long was because the tech wanted to get a better look at the baby's head, and he just wasn't budging from his face-down, transverse position. he was moving, just not changing the position of his head. Well, there were a couple of things with the kids brain matter that they wanted to get a better look at, "cysts" they called them, but they're really not cysts. So, long story short, I get to have a high-def ultrasound where they will be able to see things lot more clearly. Doc said not to worry about it (yeah, right), but I do take comfort in the fact that EVERYTHING else about the baby is completely normal- kidneys, heart, bladder, stomach, liver, spine, bone growth, etc. Doc said if there really was something wrong, usually there would be other anomalies with the major organs.
Well, I didn't get out of there until 4:30. SO we rushed to KFC to get me some food, since I had to be Menomonee Falls by 5. BIG mistake. We changed our order 2 times because they "didn't have that", and what we did end up getting was old, tough, and not very tasty. Oh, well. I still ate it, but we made sure to give them a piece of our mind on an online KFC survey.

Oh, and Dad, I'm proud to be carrying your grandson. I'm still super excited, even though it's not a girl :)

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bfreeman91 said...

Hey just wanted to let you know i'm excited you guys are having a baby boy. however he will still be getting a pig unless i find something i like better
anyways hope everything else is good