Wednesday, July 30, 2008

will this never end!?!?

I have to get this frustration out!
(sorry everyone, but I figure this entry will quickly be overshadowed by the upcoming ultrasound stuff this afternoon.)
I STILL have morning sickness. It hit me hard last night- I felt like I did when I was 10 weeks along- stomach turning over, feeling really weak, and threw up when I would stand up.
And then I threw up again this morning. What the heck?
I have been drinking TONS of water today, and even that has been making me feel ill, even though it's really good for me.
So, well, I have been trying to keep myself distracted, but that only works for so long. So, I've been reading blogs, and I came on one that has 5 quirky things about the author of the blog, and that got me thinking, well, that would be fun! I haven't really posted anything all that personal about myself, save for the pictures (that's as much skin as you'll EVER see of me online. I promise!
5 weird things about me:

1. The toilet paper has to roll OUT from the top- if I go anywhere where it is backwards (I mean ANYWHERE) I will switch it around. It has to be right. I know there's somebody out there who is opposite of me, cuz last week I went to a friend's house, saw their toilet paper was the "wrong" way, switched it, and a couple of hours later when I went back in there, it was "wrong" again! They switched it back!
2. I love my zebra rug. Jonathan hates it. I like it that it adds a special flavor and texture to the room. Never mind that we rescued it out of the trash. ("we" means "me")
3. I don't really like nick knacks. However, we somehow have quite the collection of random little trinkets that cover our window sills and the top of our piano and fill up our curio cabinet. Here's Why:
4. I can't throw stuff away. I have too many special memories associated with stuff. The set of glass angel candle holders we got as a wedding gift from neighbors when I lived up in Sheboygan, the set of 4 kitty cups that I got from a dear friend for Christmas, and unfinished pieces of pottery from college classmates, among MANY other things. None of this stuff matches or really is all that spectacular or noteworthy, but I think of these people when I see the nick knacks!
5.I love having other people live with us. Many people question how we can stand not having complete privacy, but for some reason it works, and I like the fact that we are comfortable enough with ourselves and our friends to be able to share our space.

There, I feel better already!

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LoveLladro said...

I feel you on the toilet paper thing... although I don't think I have ever switched it at someone else's house! Too funny!