Tuesday, July 8, 2008

16 weeks pregnant, and feelin' fine!

Hello, again, my friends and family!
It has been a good week for the most part- still some nausea at bedtime and when I first wake up, but it is easily taken care of with a crunchy peanut butter toast!
Yesterday was HOT and MUGGY (think- swimming through the air) And I hadn't had enough water to drink the day before- we were driving from MN to home, along with everyone else in the Midwest, and so I had a bit of an issue with blacking out yesterday. Needless to say, I drank a ton of water to get that situation cleared up.
Jonathan had a good time today picking out music for the baby to listen to, and talked to the baby a bit to let her (him?) know what was about to be played. It was really cute. Then he hummed against my tummy. It tickled :D
So, the baby has been moving around a bit, at least I am pretty sure of it- like a little bug crawling on the inside of my skin, and even a couple of swift jabs (felt more like muscle twitches)
Here are a couple of 16 week pics of me- not a whole lot different from last week, but one of these days, you'll be able to tell I am preggers without me having to say so.
Love you all!

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